Just had the Mastershield folks come fix/look at a few items on the gutters. As usual, did a great job and still highly recommend them for your gutter needs! I researched the top 4 gutter solution vendors (Mastershield, Gutter Helmet, LeafGuard, and LeafX) and decided after exhaustive research - over six weeks of web research, reference checks, Kudzu reviews, BBB reviews, climbing on friends and family roofs to look at gutters, I decided to go with the Mastershield product. At our initial meeting, Kevin (Owner) prepared a very detailed assessment of the current gutters and along with his recommendation and came prepared with samples, references and a list of answers to questions he proactively anticipated. As the start day neared, Kevin called me two days before to inform me that they were running a couple of days behind due to the rain that was moving through the area. This was another key selling point - proactive communication. Once the project started, the crew took meticulous care to make sure shrubs and my newly installed roof was not damaged. On the work days, the roofing crew arrived around 8:30 AM and worked until about 5 pm. Would I use and recommend Kevin and Mastershield again? Absolutely!

Truly unbelievable work and service. Never have I taken time to post a review but anyone considering gutter replacement should use MastershieldAtl. Great price and better service..and this rainy Atlanta weather has tested their work!

Replaced all of the gutters on the house. House looks great. very thorough job. Would recommend them!

Suzanne B.

I had no idea how useful gutter guards can be. A friend recommended I try these guys and I've been paying special attention to how the gutter behaves, because it seemed like too much money for something I never really see. It turned out these things rock! The leaves just slide right off. I don't pay anyone to clean the gutters, but that means I have to do it myself and they are always clogged. Now I hardly have to go up there, and when I do- it's a cinch.

Darcy L.

Outstanding job done by Master Shield of Atlanta crew. I discussed replacing the gutters and he made a second trip out to answer my husband`s questions. Very reliable - started when he said they would start, completed the project on schedule and worked through the rain to complete. The place was left spotless when done. WOW!!! I would definitely recommend!

Barry E.

I was missing gutter covers for half my gutters and wanted to replace them with something low maintenance. I got crazy expensive quotes from other reputable companies but didn't feel they were interested in my small job. Kevin Bowers listened to my concerns and gave me two options to consider, both extremely reasonably priced. I chose to replace all my gutter covers with MastershieldAtl and am thrilled with the completed job. Kevin didn't play any pricing games; trying to get the most money he could from me. He charged me a fair price based on the product I needed and I couldn't be happier.

MastershieldAtl came out and looked at my gutters, straightened them out as needed, cleaned them, attached the downspouts, replaced all the gutter caps and improved drainage areas on the roof where multiple streams would come together, like over a bay window.

Woodstock, GA

I needed to replace my gutters and wanted to add gutter covers that could free me from having to maintain them. I spent weeks researching gutter covers and found that almost every gutter cover lets in enough debris to require periodic cleaning out. I learned that Mastershield's gutter cover was the only exception from reading nationally syndicated columnist Tim Carter's review at www.askthebuilder.com (search on "Gutter Guard Test Results"). Mastershield (the parent company) has a lifetime warranty on clogs. If a clog causes damage to your house they will refund the cost of the product and pay your insurance deductible. They has a 10-year warranty on their workmanship. The gutter manufacturer (in case you are replacing your gutters in addition to adding covers) has a 50 year warranty on their finish. I had spoken with many companies and had some truly nightmarish presentations. Then I met Kevin Bowers, owner of the local MastershieldAtl authorized dealership. He did a detailed analysis of my roofing and proposed multiple changes to the way rain was being handled by my gutters - changes that would mean that the rain was carried away from my house rather than over-shooting my gutters. His holistic approach was solution-oriented rather than just trying to sell me a product. There was zero hard-sell and his prices were less than the companies offering the big-name no-work products. When they did the install, he DID WHAT HE SAID he would. The gutters look amazing!