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Tim Carter from tested Mastershield and liked it so much that he had it installed on his own house and then when he moved he had Mastershield installed on his new one as well!




Angie's List Super Service Award Recipient 2014 and 2015


This prestigious award only goes out to the top 5% of service providers in our market based on customer ratings and reviews.  We are very honored to recieve it!

MasterShield Gutter Guard -Best Gutter Guard’s gutter guard reviews led to MasterShield being named their top choice Here’s a quote from their review: ”Master Shield is probably the leading gutter guard manufacturer in the business. Their patented micro-mesh screens will filter out everything from debris to sand coming off the shingles. These mesh screens are placed on top of strong support ridges that are designed to duplicate the pitch of the roof, allowing wind and water to wash away anything that ends up sitting on top of the guard.

Since this guard is installed with the back of it under the first row of shingles, and the front of it sitting over the top of the gutter, there is nowhere for debris to get caught and start trapping other debris, as is often the case with other types of guards.

The support ridges under the mesh will also aerate the draining water, making it some of the cleanest water around. The result is that you will end up with rain water that is actually available for other uses. This design will also facilitate the siphoning away of water so that it can handle large volumes of water falling quickly.

This gutter system is also enclosed, so there will be no mosquitoes, birds, or anything else that will be able to contaminate this water once it enters the gutters.”

This is one of the most comprehensive reviews we’ve seen. Bob Jackson, author of the website,, really did his homework here. You’ll find out about the damage that cheap gutter guards did to his home, and all the time he took to research products before choosing MasterShield. He’s got lots of before and after pictures and he points out a lot of the problem areas that many homeowners might deal with.

 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition      

MasterShield has been a proud participant in ABC TV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. MasterShield donated MasterShield Gutter Guards, the entire gutter system (gutters, downspouts) and labor for two of their projects. While they are not technically gutter guard reviews, their interest in having us work with them on more than one occasion speaks to the value we created for the homeowner and the effort we put in to their projects

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition aired on ABC-TV. The show has won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality Program, plus the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Reality Show/Makeover and the Family Television Award for Best Alternative/Reality Program.


Consumer Reports

While MasterShield wasn’t tested by Consumer Reports, the patented microfiltration technology of Alex Higginbotham, MasterShield’s inventor, was tested and chosen as their top performing technology. This patented technology is demonstrated by a microfilter touched on the underside by a series of extensions that come up and touch the filter. While others have implied Consumer Reports has done gutter guard reviews for two of their issues, they’ve actually only done one test and republished it at a later date.

Their gutter guard reviews tested earlier embodiments of microfiltration. We feel they missed an opportunity to include Alex’s latest advancements like our HydroVortex Technology and MicroVortex microfilter. HydroVortex Technology allows MasterShield to be pitched with the roof, from flat to vertical, and still direct water through the MicroVortex filter, the 316 stainless steel filter that is woven just for us. Directing water though the earlier designs isn’t as effective, too much water can overflow the filter. Installing microfilters flat has its own own issues. It winds up creating a shelf over the gutter that needs to be brushed off.